Ear Candling Geelong Victoria

Ear Candling

Sick and tired of blocked up ears?

Ear candling is a natural remedy for ear infections, Candida, fungus growth, ear aches, and other ear ailments. A cone or candle is used to create a spiral flow of smoke, heated air, and herbs into the ear canal.

Benefits of Ear Candling

Common ear wax buildup can muffle hearing for many. Yeasts, allergies or just wax buildup can be removed from the ear canal regularly to restore hearing, relieve tension or pressure in the ear. Removal of excessive wax allows better hearing, usually immediately.

How Ear Candling Works

The spiral of the cone causes the smoke to be pulled down into the ear canal. This causes the ear to warm up and loosen the wax and other material.

As it heats up, the candle causes a suction effect by creating a vacuum in the ear canal. Air is drawn up from the Eustachian tube into the middle ear then through the porous membrane out into the outer ear. The heat and the vacuum draw out the wax and other materials from the ear canal into the base of the candle.

As it burns down, you will hear a lot of cracking and hissing, which is the sound of the wax being removed. The warmth feels soothing and relaxing during the process.

Completely safe for children of all ages.

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