Gel nail extensions Geelong Victoria

Gel Nails

Are you wanting beautiful looking nails? Consider then the benefits of Gel Nail overlay.

Gel nails are artificial nails having an extremely realistic look. They are thin, flexible, non-yellowing and non porous. Gel nails provide a natural look with durability.

Gel nails are preferred over acrylic nails which can cause problems with odour, lifting and subsequent nail damage.

Gel nails are fantastic for covering damaged or cracked natural nails. You can have gel nails applied while waiting for your own natural nails to gain length and strength.

The gel becomes a strong base for your own natural nails and prevents them from cracking and damage.

Touch Of Eden uses the Bio Sculpture® range of Gel Nail products and the speedy OPI Coloured Gel.

When preparing the nail plate for treatment there is only minimal and light buffing of the nail in order to remove all traces of oils and dry skin, using the very softest of buffs. This is unlike acrylic applications, which use dehydrating primers and bonding liquids and scratch the surface with harsh buffing, therefore damaging the nail at the outset of application.

Both our gel’s achieve the best results with a nourished and re-hydrated nail. The philosophy is to refrain from damaging the natural nail and to have as little buffing and filing of the natural nail as possible. NO ABRASIVE and DAMAGING ELECTRIC DRILLS are used in our Gel Treatments.

Touch Of Eden specializes in the application of Gel Nails. Contact us on 03 5222 8282 to speak to a qualified consultant and book in for your own great looking nails.