When You’ve Moved On But Your Tattoo Hasn’t

by Lissa Logan on July 31, 2017

When You’ve Moved On But Your Tattoo Hasn’t

It seemed like a good idea at the time. You really liked your tattoo for many years, but then something changed.


Whether it’s the possibility of major advancement in a company, graduating from college, or maybe you’re getting married, the one thing that always changes is life.

Too bad your tattoo doesn’t understand that.

No worries. Laser is the most trusted method today for removing unwanted tattoos. It’s now easier, safer and far more effective than ever before. Here’s why.

Laser works by aiming the laser energy towards the tattoo, sending pulses of laser energy into the pigment, which breaks it up. Your body then removes the pigment through its own natural processes.

Cooling methods are used during and after the procedure to protect your skin, and reduce pain and discomfort. The procedure generally takes only a few minutes, depending on the size of the tattoo.

It’s important to understand that each tattoo is unique, so removal techniques are always tailored to suit each individual. Generally, each session is spaced over the course of a month or several months, but your practitioner can outline your specific treatment protocol.

It’s extremely important to choose a reputable provider to remove your tattoo. You do not want to risk infection from poor sanitary conditions. With Touch of Eden, you’ll never have a minute’s worry.

We take extreme care in removing your tattoo. Sanitation is a top priority for us, as well as the experience and professionalism of our staff. When you’re ready to move ahead with your life and leave your tattoo behind, put our training and expertise to work for you.

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